Lindsberg, rooms in dormitory

3000 SEK/month

Based in the heart of Dalarna, Kursgården Lindsberg is a retreat centre focused on yoga, meditation and conferences. It’s a place designed for alternative sustainable living. The Kursgård is a vegetarian place and meat and fish are not allowed at the property. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited in and around Kursgården.
As it is a retreat centre, we might at times need to ask you to move to a different room for a short period. However, we would try our best to not ask you for that.

It’s perfect for guests looking for a quiet place close to the nature, a calm environment and places to go for walks in the nature. We have a library where you can study. We have different activities in the house such yoga, meditation, singing circles etc and you might be invited to join.
It’s a short drive away from Högskolan Dalarna. If you do not drive, you can look up the busses on The bus stops closer to our place are, Bergsgården (10 minutes walk) and Järgarvet (20 minutes walk).
The common areas in the house is a bit cold. Therefore, we ask you to bring extra warm clothes and slippers to wear indoors.
If you decide to come and try it out, the minimum stay is half a month. You can look us up on

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Included in rent:

Pillow and Duvet
Cloth hanger
Facilities such as, shower, toilet, library and kitchen
cutleries & cookeries
Cooking utensils

Address: Lindsberg 10, Bergsgården, 79191

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