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When you find a housing object you are interested in you send a message to us via the form.

The renter will then get your name and contact information and he or she is then able to contact you. After that all contact will be directly between the landlord and you.

This website is not a housing cue but a help to make it easier for students and renters to find eachother.

Just being interested in a housing object does not guarantee that you will get it. It is the landlord that choses tenant, the housing coordinator has no control over this.

When you have found a place to rent it is really important that you sign a contract with the renter. There are several examples here >> contracts <<

Here are some things that is good to know about:

Your landlord can ask for a deposit fee and Student Dalarna recommends that it should not exceed one month rent. The deposit is a safety for the landlord that for instance keys will be returned when the student moves out or if the room is not taken care of properly, the deposit can cover the cleaning of the room.
It is important that the contract shows exactly what the deposit is for so you as tenant knows what is expected of you to get the deposit back. If it does not clear in the contract you should not pay the deposit.

Student Dalarna recommends that you as tenant gets your own home insurance. If you are an international student, check if your insurance from your home country covers and also how the universally insurance from the university works as a home insurance.

Written contract
Just to make sure that both parties knows what is agreed upon it is important that a written contract is established. It is good if the contract is clear and written in a language that both understands.

Remember that you should not rent from anybody that won’t offer a contract. 

Student Dalarna is a website where people can post their ads and students can find available accommodations. 
In case of conflicts we recommend that you turn to Hyresnämnden or Kronofogden.


If you are waiting for a place to move into and need a place to stay for a couple of nights we have compiled a list with contact information to various B&B, hostels and hotels.

List of hostels Falun & Borlänge

Private housing companies
In both Borlänge and Falun there are several private housing companies that you also can conact if you are in search of accommodation.
Here are links to their contact information:


Article in swedish about housing allowance:

General form of interest
You can also send in a general show of interest by filling out this form.

General interest form

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