Couch sponsors

Are you in need of housing right now?

There are people in our cities that are willing to help and with their help you will have a safe place to stay the first couple of days until you find something more long term. 

We call them couch sponsors.

Couch sponsors are willing to offer a place to sleep during a limited time, maximum 7 days (unless otherwise is agreed). 

A place to sleep can be a sofa, an extra bed, a matrass on the floor or something like that. Nothing less than a safe place to sleep, in short. At the couch sponsor you will also be able to fix food and take care of your hygiene.

It is important that you follow the rules and respect the conditions the couch sponsor present.

Remember that toilet paper, any type of food, bed linen and such aren’t included in the sponsor deal, you must provide for everything like that yourself.

While you are staying at the couch sponsor it is very important that you search actively for a more long-term accommodation alternative. This is easiest to do via

The price is 150 SEK/night and it is payed directly to the couch sponsor.

In the end it is the couch sponsor who choses tenant, we at Student Dalarna are only supplying contact information.

Below you find a form to fill out. Our couch sponsors will receive your contact information and are then able to contact you.

Remember to sign a contract with the couch sponsor when you have agreed on the conditions. 

Are you in need of housing?