About this site

Are you a student at Högskolan Dalarna and have problems finding a place to stay during your studies, or do you have an apartment, a cottage in your backyard or an extra room in your house available that would be perfect for a student at Högskolan Dalarna?

Falun and Borlänges’s student housing coordinator offers help both by pointing in the right direction when it comes to finding a place to stay during your studies (if you can’t find a student apartment at Kopparstaden or Tunabyggen) or if you have a room or some other type of housing for rent, so students can find you.

To apply for a student apartment at Kopparstaden or Tunabyggen you have to be accepted to Dalarna University. But you can start collecting points even before you are accepted, you just need to register.

Link to Tunabyggen
Link to Kopparstaden

During some periods there can be a shortage of student housings which demands a good second hand market for accommodation. To coordinate this and handle this Falu kommun and Borlänge kommun have two housing coordinators in collaboration with Dalarna University, the student organization in Dalarna, Kopparstaden and Tunabyggen. The main role for the coordinators is to work with supplying information about available housing options, helping students to find accommodation and also helping the ones renting out apartments.

This website is a help for you looking for student housing to see what is available on the second hand market. Click on the ads and let the housing coordinator know if you are interested in one or several of the housing options and he or she will connect you with the renter.

It is always the person renting out the housing that in the end chooses tenant, the housing coordinators only help with the connection.